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The average risk per trade is often a small percentage of your available trading capital, such as a maximum of 2%, according to Read our money and risk-management guide​ for further information on how to protect your capital. ECS is not a Financial Services firm and does not operate as a financial services firm. Below we provide a short overview of the top 5 Forex brokers in Africa and what distinguishes them from average brokerage companies. Many beginners will quit during the early phases, but if you start you should hold on and give yourself the chance to become successful. You’ll have some setbacks and losses in those early days, everyone does, but that’s simply a part of the learning process in the transition to a Forex trading career.

how to start a forex broker

Some traders prefer to only trade during specific hours (let’s say the London and NY Open). While a return of 2% on a single trade might sound like a great result, it will be less motivating once you realise it only resulted in a $2 gain. Trading the forex markets requires a lot of skill, patience and the ability to learn quickly from your mistakes. RoboMarkets clients can use some of the most popular trading platforms in the industry. These can be found in the “RoboMarkets Download centre” section on the Company’s website or your Members Area space.


You’ll be the master of your own destiny, and will have the freedom to explore all the diverse techniques and strategies that a Forex trading career has to offer. You’ll learn how to work hard, how to be consistent, and how to manage both risks and money. While you may think your day job now is boring, tedious, and monotonous, at least it’s stable. You know a paycheck is coming at the end of the month, and you probably have health insurance and paid leave. You might even have some sort of pension to look forward to, or at least a retirement scheme that’s subsidised by your employer.

  • Furthermore, Asian traders can start trading with XM for just a 5 USD minimum deposit.
  • At ThinkMarkets, we offer a wide selection of major, minor and exotic pairs to select from.
  • The more to invest, the higher the gains could possibly in your get a return.
  • These signals are generated by the platform’s algorithms and can be customised based on the trader’s preferences.
  • They can afford to charge fixed spreads because the exchange rates of external liquidity providers are of no consequence to market makers.

Because of this, ECN brokers do not take positions opposite to those of their traders. If the broker is unable to find a deal at the respective quoted price, they would either send the trader a requote or reject their order altogether. There are two types of NDD brokers, the first one being the Straight Through Processing type. Such brokers work with multiple liquidity providers who can directly access the interbank market. Respectively, each liquidity provider sets its own bid and ask prices. Leverage provides a high measure of benefit while also posing a high level of risk.

What is divergence in forex trading?

Such traders are into brokers that provide good financial news feeds and busy economic calendars. Swing trading is a momentum-based style of trading where a trader buys low and sells high. Positions are held either for a short or a long time, but typically no more than several days, weeks or months. Swing traders commonly rely on tools for technical analysis to explore trends and patterns in Forex price movements.

how to start a forex broker

The second one is the sell-stop order, in which case you sell a Forex pair when its price reaches or drops below the price you have specified. They protect them from fraudulent companies and ensure a fair market environment for all participants. The thing about foreign exchange regulations, though, is that they vary start forex brokerage wildly between different jurisdictions. Each country has its own financial regulator, tasked with the oversight of the Forex trading sector. Another difference results from the fact ECN brokers give their customers access to Depth of Market, which shows you where the bid/ask orders of the other participants are.

XTB: Best FX broker for free demo account

Webinars and Trading Guides- The eToro Academy regularly hosts webinars and publishes trading guides covering various trading topics. Hosted and written by experts, these provide valuable insights into the markets and trading strategies and techniques. The volatile nature of the FOREX market means that traders can experience significant losses. Information provided on this website is for guidance only and should not be deemed as financial advice.

how to start a forex broker

The development of a Forex trading platform website can be split into two areas of mandatory and optional elements. The registration process begins with the opening of corporate bank accounts. If you plan to engage in margin trading, you need to arrange a line of credit with the bank. Some banks have a lengthy and complex review and approval procedures. It is the minimum to ensure compliance with data protection laws and timely resolution of all technical and legal issues.

Trade and invest in 8,000+ markets today

This includes details on forex and what it entails, how to trade currencies and the benefits of trading forex. Plus500 also offer a free demo account so traders can test the platform completely risk-free. There are over 60 forex pairs which can be traded as CFDs, with leverage for trading and 24/7 support. This allows the trader to familiarise themselves with the products, markets, and platform before diving into a trade. When you’re trading a currency pair, that risk is sometimes amplified.

how to start a forex broker

Check the average withdrawal times as well as customer reviews to ensure the trading platform is operating within their published times. The forex market also benefits from leveraged trading, whereby investors can open a position on a larger portion of the forex market. In addition to this eToro is highly competitive when it comes to fees and range of currency pairs with over 45 pairs available to choose from all available from both the web and your mobile device. Whether its gauging market sentiment, analysing your trading performance or using TradingView charts, every tool is designed to make you a better trader. You could be the most skilled trader in the world, and transaction costs could still put a dent in your wallet and slight your potential. Every time you engage in a transaction, a broker will likely take a commission.

What is margin and leverage?

Once you have deposited sufficient funds for your position size, start trading. Remember that trading with leverage​ is a double-edged sword, meaning that if the price moves against you, you could lose the entire value of the funds in your account. If this scenario had gone the other way and GBP/USD fell by 50 pips, you would calculate losses in the same way, so your capital loss would also be £50. You would need to transfer sufficient funds into your account in order to cover your losses when the position was closed. Keeping this in mind, never invest more money than you can risk losing. The risks involved in trading may not be suitable for all investors.

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